General First Post

When the sweet-smelling showers of April pierce the drought of March to its root, people like to write. It fell on a day when I started working at The Pilgrim that all these interesting characters started visiting the forum and chatting. They were all so different and yet all seemed to be going in the same direction: a pilgrimage into the Internet to thank the patron saint of anonymity for helping them recover from whatever it is that life afflicted on them.

The Pilgrim's Managing Editor, Harry Bailey was impressed by all these people coming to the site and he suggested, since they were all together anyway, that he host a storytelling competition in the magazine. He would act as judge, and the winner would get a trip to Canterbury along with a fantastic meal and a great cash prize. Harry is a good man—no finer man I know, to be honest—and he has bright eyes and great intentions. Everyone agreed this would be a fine opportunity, and Pilgrim's Prize was created.

I hope that the artist profiles section of this site will help you, observers of this strange game, to get to know its contestants. They are varied and colourful, to say the least. I feel that I need to offer a disclaimer that I am only the webmaster and any views expressed by these tale tellers are their own and are not representative of my opinions or beliefs. I'm only here to manage the site. 

Lucky for you, if one (or more) of these stories displeases, you are free to click back and choose another tale.


Welcome everyone!

Hello readers and visitors!

I'm Harry Bailey, the managing editor of this fresh new literary magazine. I'm pleased that you have come to spend time here and it is my sincerest hope that you enjoy yourself. While waiting for some content to appear on the magazine, wander over to the Forum to see who has already been here. There are some colourful readers who visited recently. In fact, thanks to a bit of an evening conversation, I've decided to put together something special to start this magazine off. Stay tuned, and make sure you come back on the first of April!

~Harry Bailey, Managing Editor