Missy Tyne, Praise the LORD in Houston Town

And now, the smooth sounds of Missy Eglantine Prior.

Houston Town (Billy Boy’s Ballad)


Daddy died in Houston town, 

Mamma pushed, put to the text. 

Billy boy so meek and mild, 

Mother Mary he loved best.


Singing Hallelujah, 

Sing through the Brokeback part of town.

Billy sang for degenerates, 

Those men tried to put him down.


Those men like boys not Jesus,

How it tears my soul apart.

Billy was the sweetest child, 

Those men blackened in the heart.

Men love men not Jesus, 

They make their moves real slow,

Watching Billy from the door, 

Planning how to take the floor.


Billy praising every day,

Four men take him from behind.

Come with us, boy, come go away, 

You can do more on your knees than pray.


Took turns upon that sweet little child, 

They tore him limb from limb.

Stuffed the boy in a suitcase black 

But still they heard him sing.


Mamma searched, cried, 

She wept all through the night.

Billy, where is that child?

I need him by my side. 


A suitcase by the river

Makes a song to heaven on high.

What they found was a bloody mess, 

Somehow Billy’s voice survived. 


Those men love men not Jesus, 

To Old Sparky one by one.

Hateful skin and bones were fried, 

Justice good and sure was done.

Billy sings forever on high, 

He sings with the angels now, Singing Hallelujah, 


It was a story of Houston town.