An Unusual and Troublesome Tale

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UK Police force

Petition for a FULL INVESTIGATION into the disappearance of Ginny Lindsay

Recently, many ex-church members of a small, underground group based in the South-East (which, as of yet, cannot be named for fear of current members safety) have provided reason to believe that Ginny Lindsay, who was fourteen at the time and is known to have familial ties with the sect, did not run away from home as has been reported to the authorities, but was, in fact, the victim of an honour-killing. 

It is known that Lindsay is (was?) the only child of one of the most respected members of the church.  One individual, who does not wish to be named, told us; “She was always a quiet, pensive girl.  She would always leave early from church gatherings and didn’t seem to like being the centre of attention.  Don’t get me wrong, she was easy enough to talk to but she really seemed to prefer her own company.”  Other sources commented on Ginny’s kindness and her eagerness to help those in need, but there are few who we talked to who did not comment on her quietness. 

It is understood that upset was caused in the church when an elder filed a complaint against Ginny’s father to the church council, stating that he was allowing Ginny to grow up “in corruption.” 

“It was completely out of the blue,” one of our sources stated.  “Everyone knew what kind of family they were and anyone who had ever met that girl could tell you she was the last person who’d be up to anything untoward.” 

Defectors, who have since come forward, now believe that there was a darker motive involved in the complaint: 

 “At first we thought it was just strange, especially since the Reverend upheld the complaint without question.  We reckoned he must have had good evidence so we didn’t do anything at that point.  It was when he ruled that Ginny was to move to his house, under his “divine” care, that we finally saw what was going on.”

The “Reverend,” sixty-three-year-old Mr. Graham Apsley, our own investigations have found, has a history of convictions relating to harassment and intimidating behaviour.   It is thought that the complaint filed against Mr. Lindsay was a ploy for Apsley to gain access to Ginny. 

Ginny Lindsay was last seen on August 18th last year, the night before she was to move her belongings into Apsley’s abode.  The disappearance was recorded by the local constabulary who have concluded after their investigations that Ginny ran away from home to be away from the church. Members, however, tell a different story:

“When I heard that she had gone missing, I decided to talk to the father to see if there was anything I could do to help.  He just stared at me; it was devastating to see the expression on his face.  All he said was “Leviticus. Twenty-one nine,” and walked away.” 

Leviticus 21:9, “And the daughter of any priest, if she profane herself by playing the whore, she profaneth her father: she shall be burnt with fire,” is, of course, a reference to the Old Testament law.  Many members of the church have defected since the incident and fear that Ginny may have been murdered to save her family’s honour.  Reverend Apsley has been unavailable for comment in this investigation. 

It is for the above reasons that we, the undersigned, demand a full, extensive investigation into the case as soon as possible;  Ginny Lindsay’s sixteenth birthday is approaching and the case will no longer concern a missing child.  For the sake of the safety of those left behind, either too afraid to leave or captivated by Apsley’s bizarre brand of religion, it is imperative that Ginny Lindsay’s case is solved once and for all.

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